365 Days As An Author

”Did this really happen”? Did I really publish a book? Did I really share the most intimate parts of my life that I wanted to forget about? I am still in shock and I still can’t believe it.

Being a mom, I always put my children first. I put my personal goals on hold because I did not want to take away from developing my children. I wanted them to be far enough in school where they would be independent enough and not require so much of my assistance. Last year was the first time, since I became a mom, that I did something for me……..or did I?

I decided not to  hoard my spiritual knowledge, book smarts, business smarts and hood smarts. Instead, I decided to package it up in a book to help a friend and other people like him. I published the book after writing it for a month and a half and by the time I realized what I had done…..it was too late. The time, money and resources that I used….I was willing to forsake because I was scared! In fact, I was petrified! However, it was too late. I think God led me to do it all so quickly before I changed my mind.

Before I announced my first book, I sent the books landing page, that I thought was under construction, to a friend. Right before I decided to change my mind, that friend had already purchased the book…..it was too late. Therefore, with fear and trembling, I stepped ALL the way out there! To my surprise, the support was amazing🙏🏾 I was so grateful for the love from my family and friends and the success of the book wasn’t even a factor to me. The support was enough payment for me. However, 2 days after releasing the book on my website, I notice the amount of money that was in my brand new account… my jaw dropped. I said, “wow, you can actually make money doing this?” Now this was a big deal for me because I wanted to know the return on investment with everything that I did….except this because publishing God & Hip Hop was a heart decision, not business or financial decision. Nonetheless, after I saw the financial increase, my business sense kicked in and then….it all begin.

God & Hip Hop was not meant to be just a book; God & Hip Hop was meant to be a ministry and a business! In the first 60 days, the book hit #1 in the US (beating the beastie boys), and then #1 in France, #1 in India and top 10 in Canada and the UK. Excited was an understatement for my emotions.  From that 1 book, I birthed 10+ other #1 bestsellers, started 3 business and had an amazing professional and personal experience…..all in 365 days.

Because of that 1 book, I now have 7 streams of income and a whole lot more peace. With writing comes peace and prosperity.  The question I ask is, how did someone who was a silent child use her voice and produce so much in 365 days…..the answer to that is, because it was God’s timing and God’s plan. Please do not ever give up. It took me 40 years to find my purpose, but it was worth the wait. Happy 1 year anniversary to my first book baby,  “God & Hip Hop❤️. Wow, it’s been 365 days and I am standing stronger than ever! To God be the praise, honor and glory.


365 days ago and now………


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