Become An Author in 90 Days Without Worrying About How To Write A Book

Does your vision board say become an author, but you have no idea where to start?

My name is Ayanna and they call me the Queen of Bestselling books. My books are bestselling in the US, UK, CA, JP, Fr, India & Europe.

At the age of 5, I learned that I was conceived in rape and born to a 13-year-old teenager. Knowing that my father raped my mother birthed a silence in me that would last for 20 years. Through establishing a relationship with God, I learned how to pray and how to put my pain on paper.

As a result, I transformed from a silent child to an 18X bestselling author. I found my voice and my purpose after becoming an author. Since then, I’ve enjoyed helping over 150 others to become bestselling authors.

Calling Aspiring Authors, Speakers, and Professional Women

Discover the process that speakers, entrepreneurs, and busy professionals use to get massive visibility, sell products and services at a premium price, and gain authority instantly.

Write, Pray & Release is a Book Compilation program teaches you how to write a compelling story that converts easily into a business, and you become a#1 International Best-selling author (without figuring out the “How To’s” of Writing or Self-Publishing), in 90 days!

Step 1

SELECT YOUR TOPIC You will select a topic for your story that will appeal to your ideal audience…. even if you don’t know what to write about or think your story ”isn’t relevant enough”—You’ll be confident after the training!

Step 2

WRITE YOUR STORY: Your will learn my signature framework of how to write your story in record time, even if you have no experience writing. -You write 1 story, but sell a whole book!

Step 3

MARKETING & SALES: You will learn how to create income from book sales and start making money immediately! -This strategy will show you how to make your investment back before the book is published!

What You’ll Get

Writing Prompts

A companion journal with writing prompts to write your story with ease.

Book Publishing

Professional editing, book cover, and all publishing done for you.


You give me permission to publish your story first, but you retain all rights do whatever you want after.

Community engagement

Private facebook group just for co-authors and the visionary author.

Online Training Access

All training is published in our online school to do at your convenience.

Professional guidance

Live Monthly Group Coaching on writing, marketing, and selling to maximize success.


The must-have strategy to appeal to your target audience with confidence.


Establish a premium brand by becoming an international bestselling author.


Our signature G.L.I.T.C.H method to maximize book sales during the pre-order campaign .


Katina Walker, #1 International Best-Selling Author
Dr. Janell Jones

Dr. Merary Simeon

My name is Dr. Merary Simeon and I was apart of Ayanna’s anthology program. I wrote my story in less than 2 weeks because I used her training, I was in a magazine, on a billboard and I sold 75 books the month of the book release. I recommend her program.

Dr. Keesha Karriem

Ayanna I listened to your entire message & I just want to say thank you again for doing an awesome job getting us to #1 Bestseller. You definitely“keep your promises”. Your branding & marketing skills are above & beyond awesome! I’m so grateful- thank you for making me an International BSA!-Dr. Keesha Karriem

I was a little nervous when I initially signed up for Ayanna Gallow’s writing program because I did not know if I would be able to write out my story. Boy was I wrong! Ayanna has a gift of pulling your story out of you in way that allows you to be vulnerable and heal while writing. She breaks it down into a step by step process that is easy enough for anyone to understand but she finds a way to perfectly cater the process to each individual. Ayanna’s program was hands down one of the best things I committed to and I would recommend anyone to sign up for the experience. -Cylia Williams-Staton

Ayanna Mills- Ambrose, our publishing consultant, and visionary encouraged women leaders across the United States and International to share their stories to help others. Sharing my vulnerabilities regarding my experiences with poverty and childhood bullying is not easy, but Ayanna encourages us to write it, release the strongholds, and pray. Her strategic writing techniques support ongoing development. -Orjanette Bryant

Queen, We could not have accomplished this without your dedication, direction, guidance and love! Happy Authors Day to the Best EVAH Author/Anthology Visionary!! Thank your for guiding me through this Author journey!- TrevisMichelle

Previous Book Compilations

Your investment: $2,499 (installments available) Sale: $1,999 for June Enrollment Only

Bonus💥After Enrolling: Receive a copy of my keynote: How to Build a 6 Figure Book Business

Please email or text to have a one on one discussion with me.

(770) 530-8257

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