Best-Selling Book Collaboration

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an author, but you have NO TIME to learn How to Write or Market a Book?

Join my book collaboration so that I can help you write a compelling story that converts easily into multiple products and services, and

You become a#1 International Best-selling author without figuring out the “How To’s” of Self-Publishing.

  • If you have a story that can prevent other people from going through your past pain, then this is for you.
  • If you write inspirational poetry, then we would love to feature you.
  • If you have overcome something in your life, and you want to motivate others in that situation, then we welcome you.
  • If you have tips and strategies that you apply in your job, business, or your life, and you desire to help others, then please apply.

I am seeking 20 women:

*Who are not perfect

*Who can commit a few hours a week

*Who wants to maximize their income.

Well, everyone has a story and here is mine:

Ayanna Mills Ambrose, MBA

CEO and Literary Strategist-Thanx A Mills, LLC
Vice President of Operations– Innervision Magazine International
Literary & Financial Development Speaker
Global Mentor– Leaders Recognizing Leaders

I am Ayanna Mills Gallow and I help authors, aspiring authors, consultants, and goal-getters to write, market, and release bestselling books, so that they can maximize book sales, gain authority in their niche, and create multiple streams of income from 1 book.

I am also an Evangelist, Business Strategist, Book Coach and a #1 bestselling international author. I live in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, with my two sons who are also bestselling authors at the ages of 9 and 12.

I was a silent child due to the dysfunction of my childhood. I was conceived in rape and born 6 weeks after my mother’s 13th birthday. In 2019, I published 2 bestselling novels and 7 bestselling journals. I published 9 bestsellers in less than 9 months. Publishing books helped me to find my voice and I want to encourage others to find and use theirs!

Becoming a bestseller took me from being unwanted to sought after. I was on the Oprah Winfrey Networking speaking, a name to know tv, courageous conversations radio, and many more podcast and speaking engagements.
More importantly, being a bestseller helped me to be my best self while setting an example for my sons. I am happy they caught on quickly and now have 4 books in total at 9 and 12 years old:)

This is why you want to join!

  • Through my coaching, all you have to do is write 1,500-2,000 words and I do the rest!
  • The best part about this is that by writing one chapter you not only become a bestselling author through this book collaboration, but you also get to sell the entire book to gain multiple streams of income!

Are you wondering how you will become a bestselling author from this book project? Let me break it down for you:

Write, Pray & Release

How to Become An Amazon Bestselling Author

  1. I teach you 5 steps to write your transformational story using my W.R.I.T.E. method.
  2. I publish the book listing all co authors using my P.R.A.Y method which guarantees the book will be a bestseller.
  3. You get to release the book as a bestselling author and capitalize on it!

12 Week Program

Here is how the process works

  1. First you apply to be included in this bestselling book collaboration.
  2. Once accepted, you will receive training on how to write your story.
  3. Then you will turn your chapter in. Don’t worry about what to write because I will help you!
  4. Next, you will receive training on Book Marketing, Branding, Book Selling, and Turning your story into a business!
  5. Then, I will get the book published which includes: I hire a professional editor, Purchase the ISBN , Register the book with the Legislature of Congress, Have it professionally formatted which will also include your bio in the book, I purchase a professional book cover with all the co author pictures listed on the back, and I publish the book through my company Thanx A Mills, LLC listing all co authors.
  6. Then you create an author page on amazon claiming the book.
  7. The book becomes a bestseller and you become a bestselling author!

Take at look at my previous collaboration authors

From Flass to Stone”
Free From Silence”
Saving Lives While Fighting for Mine”
“Radical Woman”

Your investment: $1,999 (installments available)

$599 Minimum Deposit

Please email or text if you want to have a one on one to call discuss this.

(770) 530-8257

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