Become A Bestselling Author

Without Writing A Book”

  • Not Sure How To Write A Book?
  • Don’t Know Where To Start?
  • Want To Get Your Message Out?

Imagine if you could write your story, with professional guidance, become a published author, and get your message out

Discover the process that speakers, entrepreneurs, and busy professionals use to get massive visibility, sell products and services at a premium price, and gain instant authority.

Boss Up With A Bestselling Book with Visionary International Bestselling Author, Ayanna Mills Ambrose, Will Take You From Blank Page To Published Author in 60 Days!

You Write One Story, but Sell a complete Women’s Empowerment Book full of inspirational stories!

What You Will Learn

WRITE YOUR STORY: Your will learn my signature W.R.I.T.E. Method for how to write your story in record time- no writing experience needed.

MARKETING & SALES: You will learn how to create income from book sales during the pre-launch phase and start making money immediately!

CONVERT YOUR STORY INTO SIGNATURE PRODUCTS & SERVICES: The must-have strategy to appeal to your target market and get premium paying customers after the book is released.

Seeking Co-Authors! Women who are:

R.A.D.I.C.A.L.-Resilient After Difficult Issues Changes And Losses

Program Features:

1. Professional Editing
2. Publishing on Multiple Platforms
3. Professional Guidance
4. Private Community
5. Online Training After Purchase
6. Legal Contract: You own your story and can convert it into an e-book, solo book, and etc.

Program Benefits:

1. Gain Confidence With My Step By Step Writing Method
2. Save Time with an organized story outline
3. Get Your Message Out out of your head and into a published book
4. Immediate Income from book sales
5. Publishing Done for you
6. Increase Visibility with an Author Profile on the largest platform
7. Gain Authority with a Bestselling Book
8. Guaranteed Bestselling Book or Money Back

Hear From Our Bestselling Authors

My name is Dr. Merary Simeon and I was apart of Ayanna’s anthology program. I wrote my story in less than 2 weeks because I used her training, I was in a magazine, on a billboard and I sold 75 books the month of the book release. I recommend her program.

U have everything for us. You made videos for us to listen to and to help us along as apart of the training. My biggest issue was me being afraid to share. When I sat and really buckled down I pulled out everything! You’re did an amazing job! Bestselling Author, Nydria Williams.

Ayanna Mills- Ambrose, our publishing consultant, and visionary encouraged women leaders across the United States and International to share their stories to help others. Sharing my vulnerabilities regarding my experiences with poverty and childhood bullying is not easy, but Ayanna encourages us to write it, release the strongholds, and pray. Her strategic writing techniques support ongoing development. -Bestselling Author, Orjanette Bryant

Minister Beatrice Charles, Bestselling Author
Trevis Michelle, Bestselling Author
Tarsha Howard, 2X Bestselling Author
Who is Ayanna Mills Ambrose As Seen In The News Below:
Please text us if you have more questions and if our calendar is full (770) 530-8257
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